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Social Media ButtonUsing Social Media to expand on-line visibility is a vital part of growing any business.  We’ve added a number of tools to the Pro Websites to make it seamless and easy for you and your visitors to connect to social media sites.

Social Follow Icons: Included on all sites. Your site has Social Follow buttons which automatically appear on your navigation bar at the top of your site – if you provide your social media addresses. Visitors will be able to simply click to follow you on your other social media pages like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Floating Responsive Social Sharing Bar: Included on all sites. Your pro site uses “responsive” technology which means that it resizes images and content for various different devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops and PC’s. No matter what device your visitors choose, the MashShare Social Share Bar we installed will “float” and stay in place while your visitors scroll over your pages, making it easy for your visitors to always find the social sharing buttons ( a $50 value! ).

Slide In Messaging Tool: Included on all Pro Business sites.  include a great “slide in” tool which allows you to personalize a short message ( such as “This Month’s Special Offer..”) which slides into the frame of your site, based on criteria that you select. You control when, how and where the message slides in.  This great little tool also has Social Sharing icons so your visitors can immediately share your message to their social media sites.

Additional MashShare Tools: Included on all Pro Business sites. MashShare is a powerful social share media ecosystem developed for the best possible social sharing optimization of your website. We’ve included 2 more of the best advanced MashShare tools with all Pro Business website packages:

product-image-click-to-tweetThis MashShare Click to Tweet add-on allows you to create quotes from any text. Copy and paste text into the click to tweet form from your post editor.

As a result you get a beautiful box that contains a quote which can be shared on twitter by your site visitors. Dozens of different Twitter Quotes can be generated in seconds.

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videopost1Double your traffic and create a Video Post with a Facebook, Twitter share & like button popup after end of video play or use the included scrolling popup when user is scrolling down your site.



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