Newsletter Tools

Newsletter ButtonOur Vitality Advocates Pro sites are designed to help you attract and engage more visitors who will want to join your mailing list and newsletter. We make it really easy for visitors to sign up:

Subscribe: Included on all sites. Your site has multiple places and ways for visitors to join your newsletter mailing list. Pre-installed Gravity Forms ( a $99 value!) provide you with ways to easily personalize the contact and other forms with your own content, polls, pictures, videos, etc. and add to your mailing list data base.

Floating Social Bar: Included on all sites. Your site has a floating Social Share bar which includes a Subscribe icon to make it easy for your visitors to become a subscriber. The bar also includes a share and a print button as an added feature.

Blog Posting Automatically Becomes Newsletter Content: Included on all sites. You Vitality Advocates site includes this great time-saving feature! You’ll be able to post onto your Vitality Advocates blog, which can automatically RSS feed that post onto your own newsletter template using your preferred mailing service (like MailChimp), then schedule the distribution of your newsletter at prearranged times.

Mailing List Integration: Included on Pro Business sitesOur Pro Business level takes the automation of managing your mailing list even further. When a visitor subscribes to your newsletter, the data base of information collected on your member site is also automatically uploaded to your mailing service provider.

Heads Up Bar: Included on Pro Business sites. Each Pro Business site comes pre-configured with an eye catching bar that you can add to the top of your member site and offers visitors an invitation to subscribe to your free newsletter. You can create and customize as many bars with your own content as you like!

Slide In Messaging Tool: Included on Pro Business sites. This great “slide in” tool allows you to personalize a short message ( such as “Click Here To Join My Free Newsletter..”) which slides into the frame of your site,  based on criteria that you select. You control when, how and where the message slides in.


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