Lead Generation

Lead Generation ButtonYour VitalityAdvocates.com Pro website comes complete with a toolbox full of great ways to support lead generation by attracting and engaging with new prospects and website visitors. Here’s a list of some of the tools:

Contact Forms: All sites come preconfigured with Contact Me forms, using Gravity Forms software ( a $99 value!), which are tied to your proprietary data base. These forms, and the page it’s on, can be easily customized by you. For example, you can write your own page content, and add the Contact Me form at the bottom!

Subscribe to Newsletter: All sites include several other ways and places that are preconfigured onto your pro site which invite visitors to subscribe to your free newsletter.

Slide In Messaging Tool: Our Pro-Business sites include a great “slide in” tool which allows you to customize a short message ( such as “This month’s special offer..”) which slides into the frame of your site, based on criteria that you select.

Heads-Up Bars: Our Pro-Business sites come preconfigured with 2 eye catching bars that appear on the top of your website and offer an invitation to subscribe to your free newsletter. You can create and customize as many bars with your own content as you like!

CoursePress Pro – Our Pro-Business sites include this unique and dynamic framework tool for teaching on-line courses and engaging with your website visitors. Visitors provide their contact information in exchange for your course materials. Purchase pre-made courses at Essential Oils Academy, (which we will install at no cost) or create your own. Design and deliver beautiful courses, complete with bold media content, interactive questions, forums, comments, and chat features.

emoVITE emotional survey ( an add-on option for all sites at a small additional cost ): One of our most powerful and popular tools, this exclusive digital survey, developed for the U.S. Armed Forces and professional sports teams, gives you a great, unique, preconfigured offering to attract new prospects. Using our integrated social sharing tools, you can easily post a short invitation to your social media sites or your newsletter, with a link back to your member site. Visitors will gladly provide their contact information for you to follow up after their survey.

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